Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year's Eve!!
Here's an adorable picture of Grandpa and Skylar right before she fell asleep on him. Also a cute one of Aunt Vicki and mom at Selem's going away party (I think). Then our weather lately. Next week is supposed to be in the high 40's. And that's my little Kadee at Christmas.
Babe left today (his birthday) for taxidermy school in PA. I miss him already. Christmas went well, although it sure seemed strange without Selem Dan around. He did get to call though. He is awfully sick. He called the other day too, to see if I knew if anyone was coming for his graduation. We would if Don were home, but I dont really want todrive by myself, this huge pregnant and all. I told him to just buy a plane ticket. His dad is trying to find a way to get there, borrow a car or something. But a plane would probably be cheaper, and definitely faster. He'd get to spend more time home that way. My brother in law Seth, just left yesterday, to go back to VA. He's the one in the Marines. We (nana and girls, me, Kadee and Evan) are headed for the condo tomorrow til Saturday. They don't even go back to school til the 7th. We'll take them to the movies (Chipmunks) and probably skating, maybe to the dunes to sled. Get my mind off missing Don so much. The longest he's been gone is two weeks, to elk hunt in CO. This class is 8 weeks, but he'll be home half way through for a weekend to pick up his trailer to bring home stuffed stuff. My two brothers and I bought my mom a Dell computer for her birthday in Feb. She's excited. She already knows. She had no luck at all with a laptop. She bought a $1700. one for her, and the girls each got $500. ones, and mom is using theirs. Go figure. Happpy New year again.

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