Thursday, December 20, 2007

I shot another deer last night. A doe this time, out of the blind Selem put up. Shot her in the heart but she was facing just right that the bullet ended up going through her guts. Peee-uuuu!
She was a whopper though and lots of fat, so she'll be good eating for someone. Don's giving his buck meat to Rob, who still hasn't gotten a deer. And I'll give my doe meat to Lisa at work. We've had 8 deer in our garage this year, and Don still has a buck tag. His brother Seth shot a tiny little doe tonight. I asked him if she still had her spots. I gave my doe's heart to my manager at Wal*Mart (he likes them fried-yuck). He said "it's not every day that a girl gives me her heart"... awwww-Don said "what a kiss-up". Merry holiday!!

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