Friday, May 25, 2007

I forgot to tell you, Nana's granny flat is painted and wallpapered. Aunt Vicki was here all day one day this past week. The white peeling paper (it only looks like it's peeling) is in the kitchen and the log is on the outside walls in the whole apartment, except the sewing room, bathrooms and girl's closet. I love the log look. I want some! She painted what needed to be painted all the same color, to make it easier on Don (he sprayed it on, and it takes just as long to clean the machine as it does to paint it on). Rob is coming up tonight after work, to stay the night and start the wood flooring. Uncle David and Linda will be up soon to do the tile floors (bathrooms). Our plumber, Farin (Jonesy) can come up anytime now to finish up, and soon Don can finish the electrical. So, we're getting there!! We're also painting the downstairs of the garage too now.

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