Monday, June 04, 2007

That's my cousin Kim, she got all the boobs in the family, not really, she just borrowed my mom's expensive falsies for a sec. Ok, I got my kid graduated. One down, three to go. Mom's apartment floorting, painting and wallpapering are complete. Uncle David was here all weekend doing the tile. Everything is looking good. Babe is working 60 hours a week at the local apple cold storage place, so he hasn't worked on the garage at all. He can do the electrical detail anytime, wood trim can be started and we need to get our plumber back up here to start hooking up bathroom fixtures. The kids are almost done with school, couple of more days. They've been swimming in the ponds daily, except for today, it's been raining. Rob and Kim are getting married this coming weekend. Hope all goes well, they haven't asked us for much help. We'll take pictures that day too of course. Mom's getting geared up to move in and then it'll be her reconstruction surgery she'll be looking forward to. (Aug. 1st). I tell people at work, "My 59 year mother will have a better body than me!"


Deb H said...

Wow! For a second there, I thought Kim had gone & gotten a BAM!

Congrats on the graduate!You deserve to feel proud!

Jenn-Jenn said...

finally selem garduated :D aw just kiddin.