Thursday, May 24, 2007

Selem's graduation open house was a hit. He made out pretty good (money wise), he had enough to pay me off (for the last vehicle I bought him) and still enough to probably get a new convertible top for the sunbird his dad just sold him. He also wants to go to CA to see where he was born and to visit Aunt Lorie. He was especially happy with the gift from Don and I. We bought him a lap top computer. He hugged Don and even cried! It was a nice day. I'll post graduation pictures after tomorrow. Love you all!


MJAPA said...

These graduation open house things are amazing! They are totally a Michigan thing as well! They didn't have things like that in AK or in Seattle! I was in MI when my cousin Jamie graduated and she took me around to all of them, I thought the idea was inspired! Too bad it won't catch on on the coast! :-)
I love the photo of you and your son BTW! Even though you don't look nearly old enough to have a child that age. You almost look like his sister. Good genes. :-)

Jenn-Jenn said...

selem looks like he was cryin in da last one. :-? was he? oh and i love kadee smile so much :D

wolflover said...

wow he really looks sooooo sad but he is soooooooo happy