Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hi, since no one else has blogged lately, I guess I'll spread the gossip. Not really gossip, just what's new. My sweet little niece Skylar is very sick. She's been sick for a week or so, probably got whatever her mom had. But Skylar had to have a breathing treatment today, and chest xrays. She also has a few prescriptions now. Poor little baby. ( Seth (Don's brother) will be home from Japan on Saturday. We're so excited. Then we'll have Christmas with that side of the family on Sunday. He'll be home a few weeks, then he goes to VA Beach for the next duty station. My brother Rob has quit his job and Hi-Lift to work with Don as an electrician. Don's partner is wrking mainly at Peterson Farms and Don and Rob are doing to residential part of their business. They're doing quite well. My cousin Brandon and his bride Laura came to visit me (a surprise) at work. They're travelling the U.S. for a month from Kwadjelein (sp?) It's an island in the South Pacific. They sure are a beautiful couple. (see Selem is still working with his girlfriends parents. (sometimes, I think they're restaurant is closed for a month in the winter). Evan and Jenny and Sarah are doing wonderful in school. The girls both made the honor roll. They got to go to the Muskegon Fury hockey game because they made it. They've all got lots of homework on most days. The garage and apartment are about to get a rough-in inspection. Kadee's still our little entertainment center. She's our greatest joy. We're still trying for another baby. Marsha wanted another grandchild for Christmas-but we weren't quick enough. The girls 'mother' lives in Hart again. She and her new husband moved back from PA. I'm not sure why, but the girls went to see her (with my mom) and they'll hang out with her again on Sat. My mom's feeling wonderful at this point-course it's been over a month since she had chemo. They wouldn't give it to the last time, because she had the flu. So much for the flu shot she gets every year. I guess that's about it for now. Take care everyone.

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