Wednesday, December 27, 2006

This was our gift from my brother Rob. He did it over night. It's all colored pencil. He said he started with gray and black and white, but we looked really old. He sure is talented. If you look at my mom's blog, you'll see what he did for all of the kids. (woodburning on plaques). Christmas was fun. It was at my house. I made lasagna-it was wonderful. We had Mom and Dad Taylor over and Cody & Rob and Kim (Kim got a ring!) and the girls, plus me and mine and mom and the girls. It was nice. I got diamonds & a sewing machine from Babe and Will & Grace (seasons 1-5) from mom. Yeah! It was a very nice day.


Marcy said...

AHHH you mean that kim got a ring from my brother robert for engaged or just ring for christmas which one?? Let me know Love you sis!

MJAPA said...

That artist gene must run in the family!