Thursday, January 11, 2007

Update: My sweet little niece Skylar has puemonia. Poor thing. She stopped breathing in the night. My brother, thank God, happened to be awake watching her sleep. He put his hand on her chest, then he had to shake her-still nothing. He picked her up and her eyes flew open. Wow. I bet that was scary. That's when they went to ER. The chest xrays were back to the dr by then and that's when they found out she had puemonia. I said that 2 days ago. Maybe I'll go visit her after work tomorroww. She is at home, and Kim is taking leave or vacation until Skylar feels better. She doesn't need to go to daycare now anyway.


MJAPA said...

Oh no! I hope she gets better soon! I'm so glad he was awake and watching her! Talk about divine intervention!

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