Friday, March 21, 2008

Ok, now that things are kind of back to normal again, I can blog again. Kamryn is perfect. She sleeps well, she eats great, she burps like a man, She poops regularly...she is just awesome!! Kaden has her moments. Most of the time, she likes having a baby sister, one time so far, she's wanted to take Kami back to the hospital. Kaden is doing well with her otherwise. She laughs at the baby when she has the hiccups. Kamryn does have to have an ultrasound on the 2nd. She has some sort of hip click. It's not out of socket or anything, but it pops when they rotate her legs, like she's bicycling. Two pediatricians heard it or felt it. My family dr couldn't, but now I do too. I don't know if I hear it pop or if I'm feeling it. It doesn't seem to bother her. I try to be really careful when I'm changing her diaper, as to not pull her leg straight to hard. Hopefully she wont need to wear some sort of cast or anything. Well, we're going to Nana's for Easter, along with Rob, Kim & Skylar. The Taylor mom and dad are coming too. Mom T. deserves a holiday dinner off. She usually goes all out for everything. Evan will be at his dad's, and Jenny & Sarah will be at cousin Kristie's Saturday night and Sunday. Chad and family are staying home this year. I hope you all have a nice, peaceful you

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