Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm feeling miserable today. I was hoping Kamryn would come before Saturday, since I'm feeling better (sick wise). The miserable part comes from feet in my ribs. She may not only be a 9lber, but right now it feels like she's two feet long too. It is uncomfortable to sit because she's so compacted, it hurts my pelvic bone to stand, cuz of her head. I like to lay on my left side, but I can only do that so long too. I sure am too old for this s*@t.

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Marcy said...

My Gosh! Your unborn baby is getting bigger like her daddy to beat melodie's size baby but jenny was 7 lbs and 12 oz but melodie is bigger than her and i always remember that i had jenny that i was cried to look at it to get big you remember when you were couch with me and now your turn is kami will get bigger more than other ur kids I understand why that u got dibaetties (whatever) spelling that and I pray that you will be alright awhile you will have labor to get kami come out! I beleive that you will have done after that u have baby to have no more kids i understand how you feeling because i cant blame you that u feeling awhile pregnant! I pray that you are getting better when baby come out! love you! your baby sis!