Thursday, January 31, 2008

That's my Kadee playing with her new collection of animals. The next picture is of our latest major snow. Yuck!!
Selem left yesterday for Sitka, AK. He first flew to Houston, then to Seattle last night, spent the night in the USO place in the airport. This morning he leaves for Juneau, then to Sitka. Yesterday was awful weather too. The day before it was 40 and rained all day. Yesterday it was 10 and ice everywhere. Don's fabulous partner actually volunteered to take Selem to the airport, but I had him just take him to Muskegon. Selem's dad took him the rest of the way. And he did call from GR, so they made it!! He'll call today when he arrives in Juneau, and again from Sitka, if he has a minute before he starts his new life. I miss him already!! Selem and my mom (log look) wallpapered my bedroom while Selem was here on leave. I love it, I'm sure Don will too, because it was yellow, and he didn't like it.


Marcy said...

ohh i miss selem dan so much and i cant beleive that he left already ! and what abt his girlfriend?? still together or what? and i really want to see him so bad! but he left :( wow ur bedroom will be look awesome! i love that damn wood wall heheh! let me know love you sis!

Melodie said...

I love the paper! Fabulous job!! Where did you point the camera to get a pict of the pond without the yellow house?