Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Well, they took me off from work today. No holiday pay for me. My BP today was 169/88. My return date is June 1, 2008. Wow, a half a year off work. I can change the return date if the baby's born earlier or they take her early. Selem Dan leaves this Monday, we'll have a little family get together to say good bye on Sunday. Don and I drive him to Lansing Monday to look over and sign the contract. And he leaves for New Jersey (Cape May) the next morning. He's excited. I'm glad he is. I'm happy he's doing something with his life, wouldn't want him turning out like some people we all know. But I'll miss him. I'll update. Happy Turkey Day!!


Marcy said...

my gosh! selem dan is growing up already to go leaving out of michigan himself and i am so surprised that fast time world and what about Xmas time he is coming back ? and I pray for you to get well for through pregnancy and wow you wont be work til june 1 damn.....they would pay ya for off day ??? Tell selem dan that i miss him take care of himself and give him love from aunt marcy okay and hows everyone doing for thanksgiving dinner??? We had good time with my best friend melissa s house for dinner and watch movie was santa clause 3 and live free and hard die , and El Ecantia all are really good movie and we had to come home because of our babies cats were waiting for us heheh and they are bigger and healthy! miss you and give mom and girls love from me okay and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Jenn-Jenn said...

(*snif*) he's leaveing