Monday, November 26, 2007

Don and I took Selem down to Lansing this afternoon, it snowed like crazy the whole time. He signed a ton of papers which will continue tomorrow. We waited at the hotel for an hour, til check in time. The recruiter called right after he checked in, wanting to know how much he weighed. He said about 220. He's only allowed to weigh 222, max. He ran down to the weight room, and he actually weighed 229, with his clothes on. So, he figured he had to lose at least four pounds, overnight. Don suggested sit ups and push ups in the bathroom, with the hot water on. And drinking or eating nothing til after weigh in. Don lost 8 lbs in one day during wrestling in school, to make the weight class he wanted to be in. Otherwise, we'll be going to get him in the morning for another week. The recruiter said she didn't even want to send him to NJ if he was even close because if they have to send him home (for even one pound), it'll be months before he can go again. Heck of a time to tell him all of this-four days after Thanksgiving and four days of leftovers. Plus Nana has made pull apart (monkey) bread a couple of times. I'll let ya know. Love ya

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