Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mom's tubes are all out and most(?), maybe all- of her stitches. She's doing well. She does still seem tired every time I see her. Linda is staying another week though, because we're going to the U.P. in the a.m. We have to come home a day early, because Selem Dan has to be in Lansing on Monday and Tuesday to sign up for the Coast Guard. He's pretty excited. I went to the midwife for the first time last Thursday. She said the ultra sound people changed my due date from March 9th to March 22nd. So now I'll definitely be 40 when the baby is born. I'm hoping for a boy, and Don says he doesn't really care what it it. He's having so much fun with Kadee. A boy will be Hunter David. Although I'll have to start over with buying clothes if it's a boy. If it's a girl, all I'll need to buy is another crib. Kadee's converts to a double bed. She's in a toddler bed part of it right now. She's totally potty trained, even at night. Always wakes up dry. It was pretty easy with her. We just put her in a lot of dresses, and no panties at first. It was just easier. Well, gotta go pack for our mini trip. We'll take lots of pictures I'm sure. kisses

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