Sunday, February 25, 2007

Well, my mom made it through another birthday (thank God), she's doing well. Chemo side effects seem to be out of her system. She gets around pretty good with the broken bone in her back. She did slide under her vehicle one day stopping at the mailbox and getting out, cuz she couldn't pull up close enough to it. She's okay though. My nieces are doing well, Jenny and Sarah are A students here in Hart. Skylar still has a drippy nose (almost every time I see her). I've been on the puter a lot lately selling 15 years worth of cows that I'd collected. I've only got a few left, and made almost $400. Who knew? My sweet mom in law lost her younger brother, Uncle Billy this week. Seth got to come home for the funeral, unfortunately Lorie didn't. We miss her so much! Mom T. seems to be doing a little better now that it's almost over. They'll have a grave side service later too. My Babe has been working his tail off. He made huge money last year, and unfortunately we now owe the Federal Government huge money. This year we'll be putting more money towards our quarterly taxes for the business. My Babe and I are going away for a weekend to Traverse City. It's actually for a hunting and fishing expo and my Babe will be working a table. But at night we'll go gamble or something. My bro in law, Chad and sis in law, Angela will be there that weekend too. The kids are fine, Evan's at his dad's this weekend-today is his birthday (and my dad in law's too). Selem Dan got excepted to West Shore in the fall, Mel is still living with her dad, enjoying life as the 'only child'. And dear sweet Kadee is wonderful (that's her latest word, by the way). She's got a little cold right now, and she is definitely two! (attitude is her middle name) When I was pregnant, I considered "Addison" as a girl name, that way I could call her "Addie" (short for Addie-tude). My cousing Brandon and wife Laura are having their first baby-a girl, her name will be Carys-she'll be a beauty-her parents are model-like (both gorgeous). That's about it now. Take care!! Oh yeah, Mom T, be careful on that ice!! We'll have to give that klutz award to you next. Love to everyone!


Marcy said...

My gosh kadee look cutie! and Wow you and ur babe go hunting soon! and I bet you must be excited! and Finally see your blog lately! because u have been busy i know! and miss you ! and We wont move out state no more! We Are permanment PERIOD! we are still looking apartment for waiting lists! love you ! SIS~!

Jenn-Jenn said...

kadee look frezzing!