Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wow, I haven't been on here lately (two months). I've been hanging out on Facebook. Plus I work fulltime (cake decorator), I'm going to Curves now (3 days a week). Mel and Sarah keep me going. Kadee and Kami definitely keep me busy in the evenings. Mom has them the rest of the time. Evan's going to Summer school in June. (if he wants to go to 9th grade that is). Mel is fine, her and my babies are going camping with Nana this weekend, while Jenny and Sarah are off with their friends in Hart. Selem was home (well, out of Alaska) for three weeks. I didn't see him much. He went to Florida with Alysha for a week and between his dad's birthdays and prom I didn't see him enough. He cooked us a awesome lasagna for Mother's day though. I've received 10 graduation announcements so far. I didn't know I knew so many teenagers. Alysha graduates this year too, then she' s headed to Sitka to be with Selem. I'm not sure if she's excited or not. I cant tell. Pictures later, I need to go to the bank & make a drop at Goodwill. Kisses

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