Monday, December 08, 2008

Wow, it's been awhile. Kami is almost 9 months now. She's crawling and waving, getting close to popping a tooth. She pulls herself up to stand. Mel tried to go back to her natural blonde, and turned orange in between. We finally got it blonde again though- thank God! Selem was here for three weeks and is gone back to AK now. I sure miss him! We did Xmas early with him. We have a ton of snow in MI; probably two feet already. Some years it doesn't even snow until close to Christmas. Mel and Evan's dad finally came and got them for a visit-first time in over three months! They had a good weekend though. He's supposed to come get them again before Xmas. Sis-in-law Kim started her assistant manager training for Wal*Mart, in IN today. She'll be home every weekend, weather permitting. She starts at the Big Rapids store in February. Kadee will be 4 on Wednesday!! I'll post pics then, I'm making the cake!!


Melodie said...

It's about time.......I was getting tired of looking at those deer!
Those girls are sure photogenic! Kami is just too cute!

Marcy said...

I am agreed with mom that i have been check always deer there ! finally and kami is sooooooooo CUTE! what selem dan says about kami????? He look full like his dad bec of selem dan has some beard! Keep it up to get more pics of Kami and kadee!

Lei Lei said...

Selem fell in love with Kami. She puckered up a little when she first met him, but she really liked him by that night. He was only growing that little beard while he was home. He cant have it in the Coast Guard.