Friday, June 13, 2008

My sweet little Kamryn Grace will be 3 months old tomorrow and has finally gained a little weight. She weighs almost 12 pounds!! Remember she was born at 9.5, then at 2 months she was 9.4. She's been doing so well on soy milk, that stuff sure stinks though, but as long as she is thriving now! In the above picture, can you see where Kami gets her ears? And the same one (the right one) sticks out further on both of them (Nana and Kami). When I hold Kamryn, her ear is folded forward, sometimes when I move her, it's stuck forward (to the side of her face.) Mom figures that's why hers is bigger on the right side also-grandma Wheeler held her the same way. Kami lost all her hair. Hopefully it'll come back curly like Kadee's. Can you tell by the way everyone's dressed, that it's really toasty here these days? Even though it's rained and stormed for a week. Most of Ludington is having a state of emergency because of flooding.



Melodie said...

I found out today that Rob has one ear that stands out farther then the other. Only on him it is the opposite of mine! What a trait to inherit!!

Deb H said...