Thursday, April 03, 2008

Kamryn lost an ounce in 2.5 weeks, and only grew a 1/2 inch. But it sure seems like she eats constantly, and she's not a spitter upper. So where's it all going? Originally, the nurse came back and said she weighs 16.8 lbs. I argued with her saying there's no way she gained that much in 2 1/2 weeks!! Eventually, she took her back to the scale and adjusted it, and only weighs 9.4lbs. We went to Wal*Mart to shop yesterday and of course I cant get out of there with 3 hours when I have Kaden and Kamryn with me. Everyone wants to drool all over them. They all say Kamryn looks like her daddy too.

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Jennifer said...

I know right! I was like people come on you've seen them for hours now let's go!