Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Snow'n, snow'n more snow'n. My brother Chris shoveled like 4 times yesterday! At least 6 new inches at a time!! (I told Evan I was gonna trade him in for Chris) This morning Chris shoveled a new path before I even got out of bed. It must of snowed all night again. The schools were cancelled before we went to bed last night. I bet we have 2 feet of new snow. Normally, when Chris and Sam are here, they shop a lot. They haven't left the house yet. It took my brother Rob (he took Mel home yesterday, back to her dad's) an hour and a half to get to Muskegon from Hart. Normally it takes 35 minutes. Don debated on leaving Sunday or not because it was raining and starting to freeze. Thank God he left when he did, or he'd still be here. Not that I wanted him to leave. But he still has one week left of school. The deck picture (with the black chair) was shoveled clean the day before. The other pictures are Chris and Sam's son, my nephew Gage-he is so adorable. And look at those eyes!!

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