Monday, December 17, 2007

Don shot a buck tonight. He tracked the footprints, cuz there was hardly any blood. He found it about 150 yards away. When he found it, it didn't have antlers. He had two perfectly round blood spots on top of his head. This is the time of year that they lose their antlers. More than likely on his way away from Don, he probably ran into some branches. He brought the deer home, huge bodied buck, and will go back out in the morning to see if he can find the antlers. Hopefully both sides. Now that he thinks back, the buck may have only had one side to begin with. But either side of his head was any more or less bloody.....I'll let you know. Regardless, he is going to take the hide to taxidermy school with him.
Jenny's concert was tonight. Pretty good for her first year. The high school band and jazz band are excellent too. Thursday is Sarah's chorus concert, during the day. I cant go to that because I have to go see another specialist in Muskegon (yes, because of my age). Take care.

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