Thursday, November 15, 2007

I shot my first buck, this morning, opening morning. My hubby is so proud. It's a seven point, although you cant see all of the tines in this picture. Don says it's the perfect first buck, that way if I get smaller next year, I won't be disappointed. Obviously it's not going to be mounted, but I'll definitely keep the horns. As I type, Don is out searching for his. He said it's huge. The boys saw 3 doe this a.m., but they don't have doe tags, so they couldn't shoot. I guess no one else saw a thing. The second picture is my Kadee helping me wash up daddy's buck meat. She didn't want anything to do with touching it at first, until I reminded her that she held and kissed a fished her and her daddy caught in the pond across the road. Then I couldn't keep her from touching it and throwing it into the water. The third picture is Selem Dan and his new tattoo. It's awesome, the guy did an excellent job. It's flurrying a little today. Winter is here.

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