Monday, October 01, 2007

Hi, we've decided on the name Hunter, regardless of boy or girl. Hunter David for a boy. That's a definite. But we're not sure of a middle name for a girl. Any suggestions? I have a few ideas:
Joi, Faith, Rose, Lee, Jean, Dawn, Viola, Marie, Olivia.... My personal favorites are Dawn and Olivia. Although Olivia, would leave her initials H.O.T. Everyone is fine here. Don and all the buddies are getting ready for the Colorado trip to hunt elk. I'm actually on vacation this week. I had to use it, or lose it, and I didn't really want to be off while Don was gone. That would be boring. Selem Dan is going along, probably the last hunting trip for awhile. He now leaves for New Jersey (boot camp) on November 26th. He's pretty excited. Mom and the girls are fine, although Jenny came home not feeling well, from school today. I'm feeling ok, I do see a specialist on the 10th for my high blood pressure. It's higher every month I go. This last time it was 150/90. Last month it was 152/82. I'm not even sure which number it is they watch, but they keep saying "that's way to high!". I'm only 15 weeks along. I'll keep ya posted. kisses

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MJAPA said...

I like Viola! I actually named my little video "company" DreamingViola Productions, because I like that so much.