Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hi, I went to the dr. today, she'll put me on high bp meds, 100 mg a day, three times a day, and I have to go buy a bp cuff, she wants that read three times a day. My legs are swelling, I look 7 months, I'm only 4. I'll get an ultrasound on the 1st. I go back to the dr. in just two weeks, so she can see how my bp is doing. She figures she'll take me off work a lot sooner than they did with Kadee. I worked til two weeks before Kadee was born. Eventually, I'll be getting an ultrasound every week, so they can see how the baby is growing and watch the fluids. Not that I'd ever had trouble with a baby growing before. Three of the kids were high 9 pounders and Mel was 7ob, 14 oz.. I'll keep you posted....

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Deb H said...

Hope you're ok Honey.

I tried to email you, but it bounced back at me.

Love you, Bee