Monday, April 16, 2007

I just had to get the latest picture of Kadee on my blog. It's her little Princess outfit I bought a clearance ready-made Easter basket after Easter just for this outfit and the accessories. I threw the basket out. She is so beautiful!!

Also, my mom got her other dog back. When she first moved in with us last year, she had both dogs, but it was too much. So she gave them to friends Bob and Tammy, who have since split up. Bob called offering Brandy (on the right) back, and of course, my mom's a sucker for animals, she said "ABSOLUTELY!!" Don was not thrilled (mainly because they're puppy pad trained), so the pups are living in their very own $30,000 trailer/camper. The girls visit them every evening and give them warmers to stay warm all night, and mom and Kadee go feed them and hang out in the morning. The ceilings in the granny flat/garage are drywalled. The insulation guy comes back and spray in above the drywall on the ceilings soon, then the walls can get done, then we can start papering and painting. Mom sure is anxious!!


MJAPA said...

She's so cuuute!

Jenn-Jenn said...

kadee is one cut kid. She is chokeing brandy two ( deadly) jk.