Thursday, March 15, 2007

HI!! Since neither one of my brothers, who both have their own blog sites, never write anything new in their blogs, I guess I'll give you the updates on them. Rob finally decided to marry his girlfriend and mother of his baby. They are getting married the day before my first anniversary and the day after my mom and dad's anniversary date. June 9th, this year. Originally planning to marry here, we kind of all decided that we dont want a major drunk here, let alone all the campers and trailers parked all over for those people who don't want to drive home. So, they decided to get married at the beach. (good luck with the weather). Baby Skylar is just starting to walk. Yeah-she's so beautiful!! Maybe she'll be the flower girl after all. I suggested to Kim the other day, instead of using Kadee (my 2 yr old) to walk Skylar down the aisle, and possibly lead both of them astray, why don't they use Rob's daughter Nichole and Skylar. At least Nichole could carry Skylar if need be. In other news, my brother Chris, in NE, has been asking questions about possibe jobs in Michigan. Sounds like they might want to move back to MI!! How exciting! Baby Gage has been walking for a month or so now. Yeah-he's so gorgeous! I haven't heard much on Marcy, even though she lives in Hart. She is married now, so hopefully this will grow her up. She wasn't invited to my wedding. I just didn't need the drama in my life. Just from what Babe has heard about her, since he's been around, like the money order ordeal, he really doesn't want anything to do with her. She hasn't been invited to my house either. I imagine when my mom moves out to the Granny flat in the back yard, I'll have to suck it up and deal with Marcy eventually. (wish me luck). Anyway, Babe and I are going on a mini vacation up to Traverse City. He'll be working a hunting and fishing show during the day, and probably at night, we'll be gambling with Chad and Angela (Babe's brother and his sister in law). My mom is doing well. Her hair is about an inch long now, and very white and gray. Not at all the blonde and curly that she previously ordered. She and the girls just spent a long weekend with her dear friends Floyd and Jeannie. They had a good time. The week that the girls are on Spring break, they and mom will spend the week at Unlce David's condo. The girls will attend "Uncle David's Math Camp". They both are on the honor roll, but mom doesn't want them slacking over the Summer. Gotta go, TTFN


MJAPA said...

I hope your mom is rocking her hair out with gels and stuff. The only upside to the grow out is when it gets a couple of inches you can do lots of really fun stuff with it! :-) xoxo

Marcy said...

I hope mom wants to right thing for her boob job i hope its wont get cancer and what u meaning u are planning deal with me so let me know to explain to me clear and miss ya sis love you