Friday, December 15, 2006

Just Grandpa's Luck...

My father-in-law just hasn't had much luck deer hunting, since I've met him anyway. He doesn't see much while he's out. He doesn't hear much, and can't see at night as long as most, so he comes in early. The last buck I know of that he got, wasn't bad, but it was ugly! He had a huge growth on his eye-nasty. Probably couldn't have mounted it if Dad wanted to. Anyway, my Don has been wanting to put him in spots were he knows Dad will see deer to shoot. One night Dad saw 6 deer, but didn't shoot. "They were too small". HELLO! There's only a few nights of muzzle season left, beggars cant be choosers is what I say.
Well, night before last, Dad was out here behind our houses and my Don was across the road. Sounded like a war going on. My Don shot twice, Dad shot once, and my Don shot again. A while later they were in the back yard, gearing up to go get their "trophies". Dad got a six point!!! Yeah, I was so excited for him. And my Don got two for sure, maybe a third one. Oh, and the two he got, he got with one shot. Two deer down, with one shot!! Amazing. Actually, I did that a couple of years ago too, during rifle season. I shot and killed a small deer and managed to wound the deer behind it too. We followed blood all the way out of the woods, but could eventually tell, that the deer was dragging a leg, so it was going to live.
Anyway, back to Dad. Selem, my Don and Dad all went back to get Dad's deer. Wow, a nice 6 point. My Don was even impressed. They went to pick it up and put it in the truck. And Selem had the antler end, one of the antlers broke off. The whole one side. Apparently, they're already shedding their antlers. Dad came back (picking on Selem) "Selem broke my buck!"
The next night, my Don, friend Todd and Dad went out the lease for a couple of hours. Came back later and Dad had shot another buck!! Yeah! But, this time, this buck had already shed both sides of his antlers. POOR Grandpa! He's happy with the meat and probably wouldn't have mounted them anyway, but the pictures would have been nice. Just his luck.....

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