Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I got what I thought was a doe last night, turned out to be a button buck too. Jenny went with me this time. The kids are taking turns. So far, she's been my lucky niece. Anyway, Don saw 6 deer going into the swamp where I sit, so I went hunting in there that night. Sure enough, they were there. I shot it through the heart but the bullet ended up in the stomach, which made it pretty gross. We didn't find it last night, Don went back out to look this a.m. (I had to work). He said it was pretty smelly too. It was cold last night, but I guess when ya blow the stomach apart, it can ruin the meat and bones and all if you dont gut it soon enough. So, we'll know more once we get the hide off from it.
Mom's next (2nd) chemo is the day after Turkey Day, and she started losing her hair today, by the handfuls. She's been feeling pretty good at least.


Deb H said...

I guess it doesn't make for nice pictures, a bloated buck or patchy hair mom, does it. Give her a hug & kiss for me. I love you all.

MJAPA said...

So were you able to save it?