Sunday, November 05, 2006

Here we's 1st chemo session was on Thursday, and it caught up with her today. She's hoping that her trip to the mall with the birthday girl (Jenny) just wore her out, but deep down she knows it's the chemo. She feels a little weak, her hands are starting to peel a little (already!), she has awful heartburn from the 5 pills she has to tak e 2 times a day! The diff in the chemos now and what she took 4 years ago-I dont know, but it sounds like this one is tougher, and more harsh. She's not only going to lose her hair, but also her nails. She figures this is only the beginning, she thinks she'll feel worse and worse the more chemo she gets. Supposedly 7-9 days after chemo is when her immune system is at the lowest, and when she shouldn't be around sickies (and with 5 kids in the household, that could be tough). Her next round was supposed to be on Thanksgiving, but they're closed, so she'll do it the Friday after (Black Friday). Whisper prayers and cross fingers..... Oh yeah, we had cousins and helpers up here this weekend working on siding the garage!! Yeah for them, they made a huge dent, only the peaks to go now!!! Thank you so much!


Marcy said...

I just wondered who watch mom awhile mom living in apartment I don't want leave her alone in her new home I am kind worry about mom and I want someone watch out over mom awhile you go work at wal*mart and I hope to be planning straight out and I cant lose mom like my dad I pray she fighter (crying) and Pray for her and watch out for her for me and love you sis ! and My mom and girls ..........I feel so deeper about huge worried abt my mom I pray she get better well than tough this .....Love you !

Deb H said...

I'm glad the kids came & helped.

Keep lots of hand sanitizer handy, & clean knobs & handels a lot. That'll help keep the germies a bay.

Love & prayers for you all.