Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mom went in yesterday for the bilateral mastectomy, and she's home today already. They sure kick you out quick these days. She's doing very well. The drugs kick her butt and she takes a nap, but she doesn't even act like she's in pain. She sure is tough. Before surgery, she told the dr guy, she wants "vertical incisions rather than horizontal, because they're much more slimming". Earlier she asked if she'd be able to go topless without getting arrested. She tougher than I see myself being.


Deb H said...

Thanks for taking good care of her Honey. I love you all.

BTW, so what color does the pom juice stain to?

MJAPA said...

Aunt Mel is awesome! I love the fact she is taking it all in stride like she is. You are in my thoughts!