Friday, September 01, 2006

Unfortunately, I don't have a close up of my new sister-in-law Lorie. I will fix that the next time I see her. Apparently she was quite thrilled that my mom mentioned her in her blog, so I thought I'd slip her into my blog too. She'll be so excited. We miss you Lorie, do you know what you're going to do yet?! After my mom moves to the Granny Flat, we'll have a couple of extra rooms again, if it's a different view you're yearning for. Love you and miss you much sister!! Call me!

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Melodie said...

Ok........this is for Lorie. So what's the deal? Right after I hear you are thinking of coming back, your Mom says you may have gotten a bank job. (Working at one, not robbing one!) You will hate it! They're always pushing you to sell things to people who can't afford it. Just come home where you're loved and wanted!!! It's so much fun with you here!! Love, LL's Mom